Philipp Fankhauser

Release of the album "Plays Montreux Jazz Festival" as a CD/DVD package and double vinyl. It peaks at number 7 in the official Swiss Media Control charts. Philipp is one of the coaches/jurors in the worlwide TV phenomenon „The Voice“ (of Switzerland) – unseen for an artist in the Blues genre! His popularity reaches new heights and the Spring/Summer tour (35 shows) is completely sold out. For the first time in 13 years he will take 3 months off to travel the US and „look for“ new music. Pre-Production for „The Voice of Switzerland“ (Season 2) starts in November (Broadcast February trough April 2014).

The album "Try My Love" is released in the US and in the UK and is certified Platinum in Switzerland. Raving reactions for his appearances on the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise (LRBC #18, Caribbean Sea) and Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival 2012. Nomination for the „Swiss Music Award“ as Best Album Rock & Pop (!!) National. Concert at the opening night of the Montreux Jazz Festival with his 8 piece band, incl. one of the last stage performances of the Montreux Jazz Festival founder Claude Nobs as his guest. The concert is recorded and filmed. The "Try My Love" tour ends in fall, it was seen by more than 150'000 people!

International release of "Try My Love". The song “Please Come On Home” wins 2nd place at the 18th annual Billboard WorldWide Song Contest. Concert tour in Switzerland breaks records. Special guest appearance with B.B. King in Montreux. Performing for Quincy Jones and Claude Nobs at the US-Embassy in Berne. Worldwide booking representation by Blue Mountain Artists, Charlotte NC.

Twelfth album "Try My Love" is released in December and is certified Gold within 10 days. Peaks at number 3 in the official Swiss Media Control charts. Platinum Award for "Love Man Riding".

"Love Man Riding" is nominated for a "Swiss Music Award" as Best Album Urban National. Over 50,000 visitors at Fankhauser shows.

Eleventh album "Love Man Riding". Entry number 7 in the official Swiss Media Control charts. Richard Cousins quits Fankhauser to re-join Robert Cray. Chicago based Angus Thomas takes his place. Gold Award for "Love Man Riding" in December.

90 shows, 4 of them as a tribute to Johnny Copeland. Gold Award for "Watching from the Safe Side" in December.

Tenth album "Watching From The Safe Side". Performance at the Olympic Games in Torino. Shows in France, Germany, Austria. The album is a great success! 2005 Philipp is awarded with the French Blues Award.

Recording contract with Memphis International Records. The album “Talk To Me” is released world wide May 25th 2004. It gets raving reviews and excellent airplay at US college radio stations, in Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, UK, Russia and Switzerland. Fankhauser and his band perform at the Chicago Blues Festival, the first time a European artist ever played the world’s largest Blues festival. "Talk To Me" enters the pre-selection for a Grammy nomination in the category “Best Contemporary Blues Album of The Year 2005."

2003 - 2000
Fankhauser relocates to Switzerland. Formation of the Philipp Fankhauser Blues Band with Tosho Yakkatokuo and Richard Cousins (Robert Cray Band). Eighth album “Live - So Damn Cool”. 68 shows as a trio.

1999 - 1994 THE USA YEARS
Philipp Fankhauser follows the invitation of longtime friend Johnny Copeland, and joins him and his band on tour in the US as featured guest vocalist. The tour leads through some of America’s finest Blues venues, such as Tramps, New York City, Mick Fleetwood’s, Washington D.C., B.B. King’s Blues Club, Memphis, Antone’s, Austin Buddy Guy’s Legends, Chicago, House of Blues, Boston, and many others. Over 100 shows in all of the US. Fankhauser lives and works in the United States of America, regularly touring with Johnny Copeland and his band up to his untimely death in July 1997. He’s travelling across the USA, sometimes at the steering wheel of Copeland’s touring van, searching fort he essence and the substance of the Blues between New Orleans and Anchorage. Dennis Walker, legendary producer and song writer for B.B. King, Robert Cray, John Campbell, Joe Louis Walker and many others, hears of Philipp and produces his first U.S. album, “On Broadway” (1995, COD Music). The album includes some of L.A.’s finest musicians and the legendary Memphis Horns, Andrew Love and Wayne Jackson.

The First album “Blues for the Lady” (1989, COD Music) with guest star Margie Evans. The L.A. based Blues lady and former Johnny Otis Show vocalist Evans helps Fankhauser to promote the CD. She works with him at the Amsterdam Blues Festival, San Remo Blues Festival Italy, Berlin Jazz Festival, among many others. “Blues for the Lady” hits the charts at CHUO FM Ottawa and KCSB Radio in Santa Barbara, and countless other stations in Europe and Japan. Extensive touring with Margie Evans throughout Europe well into the year 1990. The second album “With a Feeling!” adds many concerts to the busy schedule of the band. In 1991 alone they work over 100 shows in all of Europe. Short tour with Johnny Copeland. The third album “Dedicated” (1992, COD Music) establishes the band as “the best and tightest Blues band on this (European) side of the Atlantic Ocean”. (Blueprint Magazine, London). The band works with Katie Webster, Luther Allison, Johnny Adams and Louisiana Red.

Awards and Nominations
2012 Platinum Award for album "Try My Love“
2012 Nomination Swiss Music Award for album "Try My Love" (Best album Pop&Rock National)
2010 Platinum Award for album "Love Man Riding"
2009 Nomination Swiss Music Award for album "Love Man Riding" (Best album Urban National)
2009 Prix Walo Award (Swiss Entertainment Award) for album "Love Man Riding"
2008 Gold Award for album "Watching From The Safe Side"
2005 French Blues Award 2004 Swiss Blues Award
2004 Pre-Nomination Grammy Award album "Talk to Me" (Best Contemporary Blues Album)