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Bernard Allison #2 in Blues Bilboard Charts the Week of Feb 17th!

Bernard Allison has officially hit #2 on the Blues Billboard chart for the week of Feb 17,, 2018 for his album 'Let It Go'.

Make sure to check out the American Blues Scene to get their full review of the album and hear the title-track of the album here:

JAREKUS SINGELTON: Duluth News Tribune Review

The leisure boat count was high on the water behind the Bayfront Blues Festival main stage Saturday afternoon.

More than 25 watercraft bobbed in the sunshine: sailboats, a couple yachts, a large pontoon loaded with people and a speedboat flashing a blue stripe with a flotilla of women relaxing behind it on air mattresses.

ALBUM REVIEW: The Nightwhawks 'All You gotta Do'

This venerable band is marking its 43rd year with vocalist/harmonicist Mark Wenner as its only remaining original member. Back in 1983, they headlined a blues festival I promoted in their hometown of Washington D.C. At that time guitarist Jimmy Thackeray was fronting the band and they centered on hardcore blues—lots of Muddy Waters tunes.

USA Today: Zydeco Wine, new show in William's future

When Jeff Landry wanted to get a party started at his 20-acre vineyard near West Monroe, he’d call Nathan Williams in Lafayette. Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas helped draw 1,000 people per show to the vineyard’s outdoor concert series for the last five years.

Landry figured if Williams could make people get happy feet and dance, he could make them even happier and drink wine.

John 'Papa' Gros NEW VIDEO- "Cocaine and Chicken Fricassee

New Orleans-born John “Papa” Gros (pronounced “grow”) has spent more than a quarter of a century behind the piano backing the music of the “Big Easy.” His latest hit “Cocaine and Chicken Fricassee” is a track that blends the raw and hardcore sounds of Rock & Roll, the fun, dance-infused sound of Funk and roots-y Americana into a shape shifting gumbo that carries on the tradition of New Orle

Music Video PREMIERE: Head For The Hills "Bitter Black Coffee"

On May 12th, Head for the Hills, the Colorado newgrass quartet, will release their latest album, Potions and Poisons. The album will be the group’s fourth studio album following the 2013 release of Blue Ruin.

Too Slim & the Taildraggers/Alexis P. Suter Jimi Award Recipients!!

It’s that time of year again – The Annual Blues411 Jimi Awards!

What started as a small web site for promoting and supporting blues artists, now has turned into a force for good that keeps blues artists and their music in the spotlight around the world, under a very big tent.

Bernard Allison- It's gotta come form the heart!

If your music comes from the heart, it’s solid. No other rules count. That’s basically what Bernard Allison learned from his iconic dad, the late Chicago blues master Luther Allison.

Tim "Too Slim" Langford - Keeping The Tradition Alive

Two years ago, Tim “Too Slim” Langford found himself living out a blues song he never expected to have to write. In late 2014, during a routine doctor’s visit, Langford was diagnosed with cancer, facing down uncertainty and possible death.

The New Stew on Jambase

A new supergroup dubbed The New Stew is in the middle of a week-long tour in which the all-star collective is performing the classic album Bill Withers – Live At Carnegie Hall in its entirety. The new band features Corey Glover, Roosevelt Collier, Yonrico Scott, Dave Yoke, Jared Stone and Matt Slocum.