New Signings

Samantha Fish

For Exclusive Representation

Take cover: there’s a storm coming. With its lyrical thunderbolts, lightning-flash fretwork and ground-shaking grooves, Black Wind Howlin’ is a record to blow your roof off – and Samantha Fish has stood at the eye of the hurricane.

Mike Zito

For Exclusive Representation

BEAUMONT, TX – On “The Road Never Ends,” the second track of Mike Zito’s new June 11 CD, Gone to Texas, he cranks things into the stratosphere with a sonic blast of electric slide guitar and blistering vocals, accompanied on vocals and harmonica by the great Delbert McClinton.

Jonathon Boogie Long

For Exclusive Representation

From Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Jonathon Boogie Long was born with the blues coursing through his veins. Brought up in a Southern Baptist community, he first picked up the guitar at the age of six, teaching himself old gospel songs.

Mark Hummel

For Exclusive Representation

Mark Hummel brings multiple projects to the table 1) Mark Hummel & The Blues Survivors - The past two decades have seen the emergence of young harmonica-led blues bands.